Vladimir Khristinich,

The model of the hypersonic rarefied gas flow over space antennae. Part I.
In St.Petersburg Mechanics Bulletin. Vestnik S.-Petersburgskogo Universita. Mekhanika. No. 2, pp. 113-121, 1998.

Consideration is given to model of the hypersonic transitional flow regime over space antennae. The model was used for studying aerodynamic characteristics of parabolic antenna witch real wire netting elements were simulated by perforated plates. Model of nonequilibrium flows description can give an opportunity to determine some parameters in a flow field as well. The model of low density gas flow in perforated bounds has been developed for transparent surface when direct simulation Monte---Carlo method loses efficiency. Numerical results of studying aerodynamic characteristics and parameters in a flow field are presented. Foundation of the problem is given in a first part of article.

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